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Racist POS!! Colin Kaepernick’s Black Father Abandoned Him At Birth, Yet He Publicly Trashes His Adoptive White Parents As ‘Racists’ Despite Them Giving Him Everything

If there was ever a poster child for an anti-American racist, Colin Kaepernick’s face would be plastered all-over it

Not The Bee

(Not The Bee) Even for a man known for his singularly inflated and overactive ego, this is pretty ice cold:




Just for reference, Kaep’s father abandoned him before he was born. His mother subsequently gave him up for adoption. The deck was stacked against him from the start.

And yet his adoptive parents raised him as their own, apparently well enough that he rose to one of the most elite stations in modern U.S. society — a professional sports team — and is now worth $20 million.

So what could his parents have possibly done to merit their being publicly lambasted by their son to whom they apparently gave a stellar and loving upbringing?

Um. That’s it?

Responses on social media, meanwhile, were less than kind:


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