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Video: Fan Runs On The Field During Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Game, Has NFL Running Back Moves

New York Post


A fan ran onto the diamond at American Family Field in Milwaukee Wednesday night, doing an impressive job of evading security during his dash around the park.

During the ninth inning of the Brewers’ game against the Braves, the fan — who appeared shirtless from a bird’s-eye view but was actually wearing a beige shirt — snuck onto the field, putting on some dance moves in center before security finally noticed he was out there.


A security guard dives to try to tackle a fan who ran onto the Brewers’ field during their game against the Braves on Wednesday night. –
Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

When various members of the security team converged from each end of the field to corner him, the fan took off running, first displaying a couple of juke moves, then breaking into an all-out sprint toward the infield.

He did outrun the entire security team at first, including a guard who came in from the third-base side and appeared to have the angle on him. But the fan veered to the side and out of the way of the guard — who, hilariously, dove to the ground to try to stop him but ended up faceplanting on the grass.

It was only when the fan stopped at home plate to attempt to high-five Brewers second baseman Jace Peterson (who was batting at the time) that security finally caught up to him. At which point a quartet of guards — including the one who dove to the ground just seconds earlier — escorted him off the field.

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