American Express Gets Called Out In Letter For ‘Racist’ CRT Training – You Are ‘Ripping America Apart’

Credit: American Express


The American Conservative Union, which organizes the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), called out American Express for its critical race theory training and its hard-line stance against Republicans who contested the results of the 2020 election, warning that it would exert its sizable political influence against the company unless it reverses course.

“We write to you on behalf of millions of Americans to warn you that ACU will be hostile to your public policy goals in every federal and state legislative body through our scoring of every lawmaker in America,” ACU warned American Express CEO Stephen Squeri in a letter exclusively provided to FOX Business on Wednesday. The American Conservative Union laid out three demands: that AmEx renounce “racist CRT ideologies”; that it reverse course on election issues; and that it give “pro-America voices” equal time in front of its employees.

“When you do CRT training, you are playing a large role in ripping America apart,” ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp told FOX Business in an interview. Such trainings “make White straight Christian male employees apologize for being White, straight, male and Christian.”

“You’re not allowed to discriminate based on someone’s skin color, including White people,” Schlapp remarked, noting federal anti-discrimination laws. “That’s alive and well in too many corporate offices.”

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