Seattle’s Far Left City Council About To Cause Amazon To Move It’s Headquarters

The city has become too ‘anti-business’ even for one of the worlds most profitable companies


It’s no secret that Seattle-based Amazon and the city council of its headquarters have been going through a rough patch for several years, and CEO Andy Jassy gave his take on the situation this week.

While Jassy maintains that the retail giant will always have folks in the area, Amazon is looking outside The Emerald City as it expands – and there are no guarantees that Seattle will remain home base.

“I think our relationship with Seattle had ups and downs, frankly,” Jassy said during an interview at the 2021 GeekWire Summit. “I think the first 20-ish years [were] pretty collaborative,” he said, noting that when Amazon decided to build its campus the council “was very supportive and solicitous.”

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