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Video: Elon Musk Blasts Google’s ‘Racist’ Anti-White Gemini AI Tool – It’s ‘Flat-Out Illegal’

Musk was responding to a post from the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh

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(Daily Wire) Billionaire Elon Musk on Thursday blasted a Google AI executive for racist comments she’s made in the past, which he argued was the “confession of a crime.”

Musk’s comments came in response to Daily Wire host Matt Walsh digging into Google’s new Gemini AI project, which has been “paused” after users noticed anti-white bias.


“Google’s Gemini AI project doesn’t want to display images of white men – even historical figures. I think I may have figured out why,” Walsh posted to X. “Here’s the founder of Google’s ‘AI Responsibility’ initiative, Jen Gennai, speaking in a keynote address in 2021. She openly suggests that she treats ‘Black, Hispanic and Latinx’ employees differently than white employees.”

In the video, Gennai argues that “talented white employees” are fast-tracked on the corporate ladder, while “talented black, Hispanic and Latinx” employees break through “much later.” She then said that she incorrectly used to treat every member of her team “the same” and changed accordingly.

“It’s a myth that you’re not unfair if you treat everyone the same,” Gennai said. “There are groups who have been marginalized and excluded because of historic systems and structures that were intentionally designed to favor one group over another. So you need to account for that and mitigate against it.”

“Treating people differently on the basis of race, gender, etc. is flat-out illegal,” Musk responded. “This is confession of a crime.”

Walsh later pointed out that Gennai was subject to scrutiny back during the 2020 election, when she allegedly suggested to Project Veritas that Google was working to stop former President Donald Trump from remaining in the White House.

“Senior Google employees like Gennai know they have a lot of power,” Walsh wrote. “Shortly before the 2020 election, Gennai was caught on hidden camera implying that Google will do what it can to prevent Donald Trump from winning again.”
The “What is a Woman?” filmmaker captioned the following video:

As highlighted by The Daily Wire, Gemini AI has been accused of refusing to generate images of white people after Frank Fleming, a writer for Daily Wire scripted content, repeatedly asked the chatbot for such images.

“New game: Try to get Google Gemini to make an image of a Caucasian male. I have not been successful so far,” Fleming wrote Tuesday on X.

In a long X thread, Fleming began by asking for an image of a pope. Historically, popes have been white men, but the chatbot posted images of a dark-skinned man and woman.

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