Extremely Harmful: Let’s Be Perfectly Clear, Staying Silent On Trans Athletes In Women’s Sports Is ‘Abusive’ To Women

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(Not The Bee) It seems like almost every day now, I see a story of a girl being displaced by a male athlete.

These girls are bumped out of first place, lose prize money, or worse, are brutally and permanently injured by male athletes.


The first story like this that I heard was about a girl named Payton McNabb. She was famously knocked unconscious by a male volleyball player on the opposing team, suffering partial paralysis in her face. Her injuries were so severe that she was unable to continue with her dream of playing college sports.

It was Payton’s story that emboldened me to speak up on this issue in the first place. I realized that there was far more at stake than trophies, prize money, and championship titles. This issue is not right vs. left but good vs. evil. It is evil to support injuring young girls in the name of “equity” and “inclusion.” Feel free to disagree, but this is one issue where I cannot entertain opposing views.

Just recently, a high school basketball game resulted in not one, not two, but three female athletes being injured by a male athleteon the opposing team.

These injuries took the three girls out of the lineup, and the team had to forfeit the game by halftime. This game took place in Massachusetts, where notably there was another similar story: A field hockey player had her teeth knocked out by a male athlete. Massachusetts currently does not have any legislation to protect women and girls in sports, and the female governor, Maura Healey, has expressed no interest in protecting female athletes. Her stance on this issue is particularly ironic, since she was the captain of the women’s basketball team at Harvard and played professional basketball in Austria after graduating. She should know better than anyone that males do not belong in women’s sports. And she should be ashamed that in her own sport and in her own state, women and girls are being denied the opportunity to play sports safely and fairly. Women like Governor Healey that benefited from Title IX and sex segregated sports are closing the door on the next generation, and it’s a cowardly stance.

School boards and athletic associations across the country have prioritized gender identity and inclusion over safety and fairness. Section 43.3.1 of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association handbook states, “a student shall not be excluded from participation on a gender-specific sports team that is consistent with the student’s bona fide gender identity.”

These policies promote the abuse and injury of girls as they try to compete in sports, and it’s clear these school boards have no desire to help these girls get more playing time, or to eventually achieve higher levels of competition or placement on collegiate teams. Sports are supposed to be fun and enjoyable, not a place where you fear for your safety and wellbeing.

All these stories make a mockery of women’s sports and ridicule the women who have worked so hard for the already limited opportunities they have.

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