Student Indoctrination: University Of Memphis Offers Professors Incentives To Go ‘Woke’ In The Name Of ‘Social Justice’

Another wake up call to the indoctrination that is happening in US colleges and universities


A public Tennessee university is offering professors financial incentives for “infusing” social justice into their classes.

The University of Memphis told faculty they could collect a $3,000 stipend for redesigning their curricula to align with the university’s commitment to “diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice,” according to an email sent to all faculty obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. The offer is part of the university’s “Eradicating Systemic Racism and Promoting Social Justice Initiative.”

Interested faculty are asked to submit a copy of syllabi to be reworked as well as a 500-word “narrative” on their “diversity, equity, and inclusion philosophy” and how the new lessons will “address disparities” in their subject area.

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