MSNBC’s Joy Reid Twists The Use Of The Word ‘Karen’ In Her Attack On Elon Musk, Suggests It Can Only Be Used By Black People

The MSNBC host is like a broken record when it comes to race baiting, hateful commentary


Elon Musk is pressing for answers amidst the lingering questions about homophonic remarks from MSNBC host Joy Reid, as the host herself enters herself into the ongoing feud between Musk and Elizabeth Warren.

In case you missed it on Wednesday night, Joy Reid of MSNBC felt compelled to slam TIMEmagazine’s person of the year, Elon Musk, for calling Elizabeth Warren “Senator Karen.” Reid had Warren on her show to gossip about Musk and assert he was “misappropriating black vernacular for misogynistic purposes.”


Joy Reid is a lobbyist for Sen Karen,” Musk quipped earlier on Thursday. Then he brought attention to the fact that Joy Reid’s blog being “hacked” remains an unsolved crime.


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