Liberal Hypocrisy: Where Was The Outrage From The Left When Billionaire Jeff Bezos Bought The Washington Post?

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We have now had over a week to process the news about Elon Musk buying Twitter and, to the surprise of no one, the leftist response has been over the top of over the top. Dire warnings about the perils of a billionaire owning a major media platform flowed like water over Niagra falls. My thoughts immediately went to the Jeff Bezos purchase of The Washington Post and the notable lack of caterwauling from the left about that.

I was working from memory at first and couldn’t come up with any extreme overreaction to Bezos when he bought WaPo. Sure, conservatives raised some eyebrows but we didn’t have nervous breakdowns. The general consensus was that WaPo was already so awful that it probably couldn’t devolve into an even bigger rag.



The reporting when Bezos made his move to own the newspaper of record in our nation’s capital was almost all pretty straightforward and opinion free. There was no ranting about a “ZOMG BILLIONAIRRRRRRE!” controlling such an important source of information. If there was, it didn’t get much traction.

The New York Times, which I believe has run around 14,000 articles and Opinion pieces about Musk and Twitter since last week, even gave Bezos a platform to “defend” his purchase of the paper a few years later. Here’s a gem from that unfortunate mutual admiration society:

I’m still waiting for WaPo to be a watchdog over anything that the Democrats do. When you’re dealing with the Times writing about WaPo, there’s a very limited supply of honesty available.

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