Liberals In Meltdown Mode After Elon Musk Urges Independent Voters To Vote Republican In 2022 Midterm Elections

Not The Bee

(Not The Bee) The day before the 2022 midterm elections, Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, weighed in with his opinion on the upcoming vote:



Elon, himself an “independent-minded voter,” wants Republicans to control congress and create a little bit of gridlock in Washington, DC.

The woke lefties, who still haven’t left Twitter for some reason, immediately lost their ever-loving minds.


This is said unironically as if every single other big tech company hasn’t been in the pocket of the Democrats forever.


They’re literally accusing Elon of election interference because he shared his opinion on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg is facing multiple lawsuits for openly interfering in the 2020 election. But that’s (D)ifferent.

The hypocrisy here from the Left is truly a work of art.




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