Top Feminist And Former Bill Clinton Advisor Tells Women To Vote Republican – ‘The DNC Gives Not Two F—ks’ About Women’s Rights’

Dr. Naomi Wolfe urges women to shun the Democrat Party on Tuesday

Gateway Pundit

(Gateway Pundit) Feminist author and former Bill Clinton adviser Naomi Wolf is urging women to “vote like women” and abandon their support of the Democrat Party for instituting “misogynist” Covid policies when they go to the polling booths on Tuesday.

In a scathing rebuke of Democrat leadership in an article published on substack Sunday, Dr. Wolfe calls on women to, “Think about freedom, and who took it away, and who is claiming to care about it…when you enter the polling booth.”


Wolfe details how she has “watched in astonishment” as Democrats,” over the past 20 months, “have systematically thrown away” the women’s vote, “their primary treasure.”

Democrats claim to champion women’s rights and feminism, but in reality “anti-child” Democrat lawmakers worked to economically and psychologically cripple womenwith “lockdowns and medical coercion, vaccine mandates, the masking of children,” and “the closures of small businesses by force,” she contends:


Democrats’ Covid policies disproportionately hurt children of single-mother households, Wolf points out:


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