Liberally-Biased NPR Takes Shot At Daily Wire For Being ‘Too Conservative’

NPR won’t admit their bias but the Daily Wire does

Credit: AFP / Jason Kempin


Fast-talking conservative pundit Ben Shapiro has risen to the top of the Facebook news heap despite the platform’s supposedly stringent controls on “disinformation,” NPR declared on Monday, pearls clutched firmly in fists.

National Public Radio admitted that Shapiro’s site, the Daily Wire, doesn’t “normally include falsehoods,” and is even (according to its own Standards & Policies page) “committed to truthful, accurate, and ethical reporting” – but that’s not the point, they sniffed.

Shapiro seemed bemused to discover that the latest excuse for seemingly trying to take him offline was not “fake news,” or “climate change denial,” or any of the other usual suspects – but instead being “overtly conservative.”

“We make no bones about this,” he insisted on Monday in a tweet responding to NPR’s screed denouncing his very politics as anathema to social media.

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