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Video: BLM Protesters Have No Answer For Black Man Who Challenges Them On Abortion

Many of the protesters were doctors


A black man silenced medical personnel during a “Black Lives Matter” demonstration when he asked them if the lives of black babies killed in abortion matter.

“Do all black lives matter or just some black lives?” an unidentified black man asked a group of medical staff, including doctors, who held signs that read “Black Lives Matter” and “White Coats for Black Lives.”

The demonstrators responded loudly in chorus, “All black lives!”

“Black lives killed by black men matter, right?” he then asked.

Some in the group can be heard affirming, “Yes.”

“The black babies killed in the abortion clinics matter, right?”

The group fell completely silent.

“Thought so,” the man said.

As Blaze Media has noted, information on the video, including where and when it was taken, is scarce. The video originally posted on Twitter has 2.1 million views and counting.

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