Leftist Civil War: Greta Thunberg Calls Liberal Elites At Davos Climate Change Hypocrites, Says They Are Fueling ‘The Destruction Of The Planet’

Picture Alliance and Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

(Daily Wire) The climate moralism arms race in Davos, Switzerland, intensified on Thursday as activist Greta Thunberg accused attendees of the World Economic Forum of hypocrisy regarding the environment.

The 20-year-old Swede participated in a panel discussion moderated by CNBC in the resort town, which is presently hosting hundreds of government officials and corporate leaders for the World Economic Forum’s annual conference. Thunberg contended that the green of the dollar was more important to the attendees than the green of the planet.

“We are right now in Davos where basically the people who are mostly fueling the destruction of the planet, the people who are at the very core of the climate crisis, the people who are investing in fossil fuels, and yet somehow these are the people that we seem to rely on solving our problems,” she remarked. “They have proven time and time again that they are not prioritizing that. They are prioritizing self-greed, corporate greed and short-term economic profits above people and above planet.”

German authorities recently detained Thunburg after she and other activists protested the expansion of a coal mine in the town of Lutzerath. Even though video later emerged showing the police effectively allowing the media to take pictures and film the 20-year-old before they removed her from the area, Thunberg added that the world should be listening to her and other activists before politicians and executives.

“These people are going to go as far as they possibly can as long as they can get away with it,” she continued. “They will continue to invest in fossil fuels, they will continue to throw people under the bus for their own gain.”

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