Losing Their Minds: Germany Set To Allow Citizens To Change Their Gender And First Names On Annual Basis

The Trans Crowd Apparently Still Doesn’t Know Who They Are And Quite Frankly, Neither Does Anyone Else

Rebel News

(Rebel News) In a law expected to pass in Germany, citizens will be allowed to change their gender and first name once a year, every year. There will be no requirement for anyone seeking a name and gender change to undergo any sort of surgical operation, hormone therapy, or psychiatric consult.

Under the “Self-Determination Act,” any individual who identifies as transgender, intersex, or non-binary will be able to change their gender by simply paying a visit to a registry office and filling out a form.


Under the law, which is expected to pass in parliament before it goes on a summer break, individuals will no longer have to submit a medical report or obtain a court order to change their name and gender.




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