’60 Minutes’ Commits Journalism Malpractice In Its Segment On Wisconsin Election Fraud Investigation

Liberal CBS changes the narrative, brainwashes its viewers with fake news


CBS “60 Minutes” aired a segment Sunday night about the Wisconsin 2020 election. Within seconds it becomes clear that reporter Bill Whitaker had been assigned one goal: Discredit the recent election investigation by the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) conducted by former WI Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman.

The segment was produced by Marc Lieberman and Cassidy McDonald (pictured below), recently hired from China. You would think the story was created by corrosive Media Matters, who purposely tears our country apart. Both producers should be reprimanded for what aired, and worse.

The hardcore leftists at “60 Minutes” refused to report the facts – something we are used to as honest American news consumers.  60 Minutes refused to report on the nursing home fraud, the stealing of votes and elderly abuse,  the picnic drop boxes or any of the discoveries presented in the Special Counsel report.  And therefore, they ie to their gullible audience.

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