CNBC Called Out For Activism Not Journalism In Article Pressuring Corporations To Take Stance On Florida Voting Laws

Credit: © REUTERS/Gregg Newton


CNBC is the latest network being accused of mistaking activism for journalism, thanks to a piece calling out and shaming corporations that have not issued statements on proposed ‘restrictive voting bills’ in Florida.

Disney, Geico, Expedia and others have “backed Florida lawmakers who are now sponsoring restrictive voting bills,” CNBC journalist Brian Schwartz tweeted on Monday, adding that “since 2018 thousands of dollars have flowed from these corporations into the campaigns of Florida lawmakers sponsoring the bills.” Schwartz followed up by pointing out that the named corporations and others have not issued public comments about where they stand on multiple voting proposals in Florida.

Similar to the recent controversial voting law enacted in Georgia, the Florida proposals would put new requirements on voting, such as needing a driver’s license number or social security number to request a mail-in ballot, restricting who can drop off ballots, and adding heightened security to ballot drop boxes, among other things. Liberal lawmakers in the state have argued the proposals equate to voter suppression, while Republicans deny they would have such an effect.

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