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Communist Censorship: Twitter Suspends Feminist News Outlet ‘Reduxx’ Without Explanation

Twitter continues to censor anything and everything that doesn’t fit their liberal narrative

The Post Millennial

(PM.) Reduxx, a feminist news and opinion outlet, focussing specifically on issues affecting women, was suspended from Twitter on Thursday morning. Women’s Voices, hosted by Reduxx cofounder Genevieve Gluck, revealed that the news outlet had been suspended from the social medial platform “with no reason.”

The ban comes as many individuals who speak out against gender identity indoctrination and the medicalized gender transition of minors have been banned or suspended after their opponents claim that these positions are harmful to the LGBTQ+ community. “If exposing predators harms your movement, you are admitting your movement is run by predators,” Reduxx co-founder Anna Slatz told The Post Millennial.


The outlet is reportedly appealing the decision, “but don’t know exactly what caused it.”




Slatz told The Post Millennial: “In the past seven months since we launched, we had received 5 emails from Twitter in regards to tweets of ours they had investigated. Uniformly, all of the tweets that had been reported were news articles exposing convicted pedophiles or rapists. None of the tweets that had been investigated were found to have violated the Twitter rules, and we never received any communication from Twitter on anything which they found had violated any rules.”

“Today in the early hours of the morning we found out, through someone who had visited our Twitter page, that we had been suspended. We received no email or communication from Twitter stating it had happened, or giving an explanation,” Slatz added. “If exposing predators harms your movement, you are admitting your movement is run by predators.”

Women’s Voices also revealed that a number of their tweets had been reported in Germany. These tweets concerned Reduxx’s reporting on child pornography, biological males taking up women’s spaces, cases of rape perpetuated by trans individuals, and pedophiles marching in Cologne’s pride parade.

All of the tweets that had been reported were found to not have been in violation of Twitter rules or German laws.


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