Democrats Propaganda Arm: 89% Of TV Coverage On Trump Is Negative – And It’s Getting Worse

The mainstream media remains an arm of the Democrat Party


(Washington Examiner) As former President Donald Trump’s primary campaign shifts to the general election and a focus on the successes he had in the White House, the media is keeping pace with stepped-up attacks on his policy agenda.

Facing TV news coverage that is 89% negative, Trump is now getting hit with critical media reports on his dozens of policy victories as president, from immigration to the economy, that many voters recall favorably.


In a deep-dive analysis, the Media Research Center said the focus of negative reports on Trump from liberal outfits, including CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and MSNBC, is turning from his personality and legal battles to undercutting his successes as president.

(Graphic courtesy Media Research Center)

MRC’s Rich Noyes said, “During the last four weeks, nearly one-fourth (24%) of the networks’ GOP campaign coverage has been about substantive policy issues. That’s a big shift from 2023, when only a mere 8.6% of the networks’ campaign news discussed policy issues — and much of that was about the other candidates, not Trump.”

Hitting Trump’s policies comes as he is positioning his campaign for the summer and fall matchup with President Joe Biden.

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