Disgraceful: Fox News Promotes Child’s Gender Transition As Part Of ‘Pride Month’ Celebration

Fox News is drinking the LGBTQ+ ‘Kool-Aid,’ it’s segment should have been titled ‘Child Abuse’

Screenshot Fox News/Bryan Llenas


Fox News on Friday highlighted the story of a biological girl whose family encouraged her to identify as a boy as part of its “America Together: LGBTQ+ Pride Month” series.

The segment aired as conservatives across the nation have rallied against chemical and surgical sex-change treatments for children.


“Fourteen-year-old Ryland Whittington is a typical southern California teenager,” reporter Bryan Llenas said, introducing the segment. “And the Whittingtons along with his mom, dad, and sister are a typical family. The only difference, in Ryland’s eyes, is what this family can mean to the tens of thousands of kids under 18 who identify as transgender.”

Llenas praises Ryland for having the “extraordinary courage” to share the story, “particularly at a time when trans gender issues have been politicized.”


Ryland’s mother, Hillary, claimed that her biological daughter claimed to be a boy while still an infant.

“Before Ryland could speak he managed to tell his parents that he is a boy,” she said. “I could see it. It wasn’t him trying to be a brat. It was like, painful. It was painful for him to have to wear feminine clothing and for us constantly telling him that you are a girl.”

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