Liberals, Journalists, Mainstream Media Continue To Spread Misinformation, This Time About Police Shooting Of Makiyah Bryant

Misinformation and a ‘rush to judgement’ are one of the biggest problems facing this country

Credit: The Post Millennial


In the wake of a police shooting in Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday, activists, liberals, and journalists made a mad rush to judgement, assuming, with no evidence, that the young girl who was fatally shot was both unarmed and innocent of any wrong doing.

Body cam footage released by Columbus police show instead a young woman, Makhia Bryant, was seen with knife in hand, lunging at another young woman.

But for the liberals, activists, and many journalists, the only thing that mattered was the girl’s race, and their assumptions about police.

The AP took the narrative and ran with it, not pausing for a moment to get a sense of the facts in the case, instead linking Bryant’s death to the death of George Floyd.

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