Rasmussen Poll: Majority Of Americans Don’t Trust The Media – They Are ‘The Enemy Of The People’

The National Pulse

(National Pulse) A majority of likely U.S. voters – 59 percent – believe the media are ‘truly the enemy of the people,’ according to a recent survey by Rasmussen Reports. The quote is taken from a 2019 Donald Trump tweet.


The majority includes 35 percent who “strongly agree” with the statement and another 24 percent who “somewhat agree.”

A whopping 77 percent of Republicans agree with the statement, with 49 percent strongly agreeing. Only 20 percent disagree.

Almost half of Democrats – 44 percent – agree with the statement, with 24 percent strongly agreeing.

Trust in Media.

Rasmussen Reports also asked the 1,002 likely voters: “Do you trust the political news you are getting?”

The majority of American voters – 52 percent – answered “[n]o” to the question.

Almost two-thirds of Republicans are untrusting of the media – 65 percent. Democrats, too, are varied, with 35 percent answering “[n]o” and another 21 percent answering “[n]ot sure.”

Only 30 percent of the electorate answered “Yes,” with less than a quarter of Republicans – 22 percent – trusting the media and less than half of Democrats – 44 percent.

Coverage Bias. 

Lastly, Rasmussen Reports asked: “Does the media coverage of politics generally tend to favor Democrats or Republicans.”

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