Ratings Disaster: MSNBC Hemorrhaging Viewers Just Like CNN, Neither Understand Fake New Doesn’t Sell

American’s have woken up to the media bias, false narratives that both networks push

Credit: Fox News


NBCUniversal’s NBC News and sister network MSNBC have suffered through a variety of ratings issues as it prepares for its biggest star to take on a reduced workload that is expected to further erode viewership, prompting an insider to question where the accountability is at the media conglomerate.

Rachel Maddow returned this week from a two-month hiatus that saw her show struggle as replacement hosts failed to maintain her audience, only to announce she would soon scale back her on-air duties once again.

MSNBC’s cash cow, who reportedly earns $30 million annually, told viewers she would only host “The Rachel Maddow Show” on Monday nights beginning next month despite her massive salary. The other four nights of the week will go to a rotating cast of fill-in hosts.

Maddow’s announcement left fans disappointed and forced media critics to admit MSNBC has a “problem” on its hands.

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