WaPo Columnist Max Boot Acts Like A Snowflake In Need Of A ‘Safe House’ After Writing Column About Elon Musks Possible Twitter Purchase

The liberal columnist got his feelings hurt for trying to defend online censorship while railing against Twitter reform

Credit: Fox News


Washington Post opinion writer Max Boot is not taking well to the idea that Elon Muskcould buy Twitter.

After tweeting earlier he was “frightened” at the prospect, Boot doubled down in a Thursday column decrying Musk’s offer to buy the social media company for more than $43 billion and defending himself for believing that the billionaire shouldn’t have a hand on Twitter because he “engages in online bullying and traffics hyperbole.”

“Anyone who thinks the problem with social media is too much content moderation, rather than too little, should not own one of the most powerful platforms online,” he wrote.

Boot said Musk, who seeks to end censorship on Twitter, will not bring “badly needed reform” that the columnist believes needs to occur on the platform and that ultimately Musk’s takeover bid will pose a threat to “our embattled democracy.”

The column began with an explanation of Boot’s earlier anti-Musk tweet, which was met with derision from “an online flash mob” of Twitter users.


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