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Twitter Stays True To It’s Conservative Hate, Lets ‘Uncle Tim’ Racial Slur Trend For 11 Hours Before Deciding To Ban It

‘Uncle Tim’ trended for hours after Sen. Scott delivered his GOP rebuttal to Biden

Credit: Fox News


Twitter on Thursday morning blocked the “Uncle Tim” trending topic – the racial slur that flooded the platform Wednesday night after Republican Sen. Tim Scott delivered his rebuttal to President Biden’s address to Congress.

Scott, who is Black, declared the United States is not a racist country while saying he had encountered racism in his life. Some of it, he said, came from the left in the form of being called an “Uncle Tom,” a derogatory phrase for Blacks who are viewed as too deferential to Whites.

“I get called Uncle Tom, and the N-word by progressives, by liberals,” Scott said during his speech.

After his rebuttal, “Uncle Tim” appeared on Twitter’s trending topics as more and more tweets relayed the racially charged play on his name.

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