Video: Mainstream Media Covering For Hate, Refuses To Report Or Even Mention Name Of Left-Wing Pro-Abortion Terrorist Group ‘Janes Revenge’

The group has taken responsibility for a series of attacks against anti-abortion pro-life organizations

(mrcNewsBusters) Over the last two months a wave of radical, pro-abortion terror has swept across the country, firebombings of pro-life organizations, intimidation of individuals, and destruction of property.

But you wouldn’t know the perpetrator if you watched ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC. They refuse to say the name of the group responsible: Jane’s Revenge. Shockingly, the liberal CNN is the only network to name names and specifically identify them.


This terrorist organization has claimed credit for firebombings, arson and other acts of violence. With little subtlety, they are now threatening physical harm or death. In addition to not saying the group’s name, the little coverage of the actual attacks resulted in a matter-of-fact, no-outrage tone.

Jane’s Revenge has taken credit for scores of attacks against pro-lifers and on June 15, releasedthis terrifying threat to pro-life Americans:

Here’s a video detailing just some of the violence against pro-life organizations in recent weeks:


While the network morning and evening shows won’t say the words “Jane’s Revenge,” they have offered a tiny bit of coverage on some of the attacks. CBS allowed 18 seconds on May 8 and 9. ABC offered 20 seconds on May 8. NBC managed 39 seconds on May 8 and 9. For the networks, that 77 seconds is it.

Here’s a flavor of the unalarmed coverage. On the May 8 World News Tonight, ABC’s Linsey Davis reported, “Tonight, police in Madison, Wisconsin, say a fire at the headquarters of an anti-abortion rights group was targeted arson.” On the same day’s CBS Weekend News, Elise Preston noted, “In Wisconsin today, firefighters confirmed that headquarters of an anti-abortion rights group was a target of arson.”

On the May 8 NBC Nightly News, Ali Vitali at least managed to explain the threat left by the terrorists: “In Madison, Wisconsin, police say a Molotov cocktail thrown into the headquarters of an anti-abortion group, vandalized with a warning spray painted on a wall: ‘If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either.’”

Similarly, MSNBC covered the May 8 Wisconsin bombing for 153 seconds on May 9. But no mention of Jane’s Revenge.


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