Contracted Killer: Biden Administration Found To Be Paying Mainstream Media To Push Covid-19 Vaccines That Are Killing, Injuring Millions

If you believe anything the mainstream media says these days, then make sure your life insurance policy is paid up


(NewsTarget) The Biden administration – through the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) – is paying mainstream media(MSM) companies to promote vaccines and suppress stories that could increase vaccine hesitancy.

Former MSM journalist Emerald Robinson outlined evidence of this conspiracy in a Substack article. She cited Chris Pandolfo of Blaze Media, who revealed in March 2022 that his organization has filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to HHS. The requests, she said, sought to find out if the Biden administration was covertly funding corporate media to push the lethal Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines on the population.


According to the independent journalist, Pandolfo found that almost all corporate media outlets took the money from the administration to push the COVID-19 vaccines.

Major news channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and fake news network CNN were named as recipients of the “advertising” money from HHS. Legacy media publications – including the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post – were also named in response to the FOIA requests. Aside from national media outlets, local newspapers and TV stations received money to publish articles and air video segments regarding the vaccine’s purported “efficacy and safety.”

Even worse, the HHS also paid off so-called conservative media outlets such as Fox News and Newsmax to spin positive stories about deadly and ineffective vaccines to their “suspicious” conservative viewers.

Robinson pointed out that the two conservative news outlets “took the money and said nothing to [their] conservative viewers,” which was confirmed by a whistleblower from inside Newsmax who reached out to her. (Related: Revealed: Big Tech paid off “conservative” media outlets in an effort to wipe out criticism for CENSORING conservatives.)

The independent journalist added personal details to the scheme involving Newsmax‘s promotion of COVID-19 vaccines. Top executives of the outlet contacted Robinson and told her to stop any negative coverage of the vaccines in 2021, as they were “problematic.” She received this warning multiple times, albeit worded differently in each instance.

While the majority of corporate media employees kept their mouths closed, Robinson did not. She discussed the ban on negative vaccine coverage with other Newsmax producers and top anchors at the time. Both the producers and anchors she talked to expressed awareness of the fact that they could not provide negative coverage of the vaccines lest they suffer repercussions from the network.

Furthermore, public relations experts who worked with Newsmax told Robinson that medical experts and doctors who might say negative things about the new vaccines would not be booked as guests at all.

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