Washington Post Lies In An Attempt To Cover For Woke Journalist (?) Taylor Lorenz, After Doxing ‘Libs Of TikTok’

“We did not publish or link to any details about her personal life,” The Washington Post stated. That was an outright lie. The details were there in the first publishing of the article

Credit: The Post Millennial


After Taylor Lorenz doxed Libs of Tik Tok in the pages of the Washington Post, that paper released a statement defending the doxing, and defending Lorenz’s journalistic standards.

They also lied, claiming that Lorenz had not published the home address of the Libs of Tik Tok account holder, when in fact, she had. The article was later scrubbed to purge those details, but they were there when the article was published at 6 am on Tuesday.

They wrote that Lorenz, who cried on MSNBC after getting mean tweets and then blasted MSNBC for interviewing her at all since it led to even more mean tweets, “is an accomplished journalist.”

Senior Managing Editor Cameron Barr said that Lorenz’s practice of using Antifa-affiliated accounts to gain information, and showing up at the homes of Libs of Tik Tok’s family members, were “reporting methods” that “comport entirely with The Washington Post’s professional standards.”

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