Cubans Protest Outside White House, Call On Joe Biden To Act Against Communist Dictatorship

Credit: Nathan Hart [email protected]


Hundreds of protesters from Miami and elsewhere gathered outside the White House and the Cuban Embassy on Saturday in a show of support for Cubans who took to the streets in unprecedented anti-government protests last weekend.

They arrived in the nation’s capital in buses after a 16-hour overnight trip and first went to the Cuban Embassy where they were greeted by cheering protesters and honking car horns.

The protesters later went to the White House where they chanted “Joe Biden do your job” and “Joe Biden, Cuba needs your help.”

“The ask is for Biden to have a more clear and firm position on this dictatorship that is killing and assassinating fellow Cubans and human beings,” Luis Enrique Ferrer García, the event’s head organizer, said outside the White House.

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