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Armed Black Panthers March In Indianapolis Chanting ‘Black Power,’ ‘Death To White Supremacy’

The Black Panthers marched through downtown Indianapolis, Indiana on Saturday protesting so-called ‘white supremacy’ and calling out the shooting of Dorian Murrell, a George Floyd protester who was killed by a white man.

While there are conflicting reports on the altercation that led to Murrell’s death, the Black Panthers used it as leverage for their cause, with activist leader Malik Shabazz leading a ‘Black Power’ chant and claiming that blacks are the real Hebrew Israelites and not the Jews currently occupying the State of Israel.

Watch below:

The march was designed to protest so-called white supremacy, with agitators attaching their cause to the shooting of Dorian Murrell, a George Floyd protester who was reportedly shot by a white man after an altercation even though there are conflicting versions of the story that disagree on whether or not the altercation occurred prior to the shooting. New Black Panthers chanted “Black Power” and activist Malik Shabazz declared into a megaphone that “We are not going to keep laying down and taking injustice.” A man in a crown declared that “We are the chosen people,” echoing the belief among black nationalists that blacks are the true Hebrew Israelites and not the current Jewish people who occupy the nation state of Israel.

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