Memes And Jokes About After Trump’s Mugshot Is Posted To Social Media

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(Daily Mail) In a social media frenzy, the internet has exploded with a wave of creative memes and humorous posts after the release of the official mugshot of former President Donald Trump. 

The image, which quickly went viral, has sparked a multitude of reactions from users across various platforms.


The image shows a stern-faced Trump in what appears to be a standard booking photo. The former President is wearing a blue suit and red tie in the shot.

Within moments of the image hitting the internet, hashtags such as #TrumpMugshot and #OrangeIsTheNewOrange began trending on X.

Others defended Trump with the hashtag #MyPresident.

Trump himself posted the photo to his X account with the caption DONALDJTRUMP.COM, his first tweet since January 8, 2021.

Here are some of the top, funniest and wackiest memes and posts about the now-infamous mugshot:

Users from across the political spectrum chimed in with their takes on the mugshot after waiting in anticipation for its release.

Some users on X poked fun at Trump’s signature hairstyle, while others playfully speculated about his potential ‘prison wardrobe.’

Some joked about how the former president’s weight was listed at 215 pounds, which was pre-reported to speed up the booking process.

Instagram and TikTok were also not far behind, as users flooded these platforms with short videos and image-based memes.

In one widely shared meme, Trump’s face was superimposed onto various famous movie scenes where characters find themselves behind bars, leaving audiences in stitches.

The memes ranged from light-hearted humor to political satire.

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