NJ Man Arrested After Racist Rant, Causes Hundreds Of Protesters To Gather Outside His Home

Credit: David Hernandez


Police escorted a Mount Laurel man from his home and into custody on Monday while more than 100 people protested outside in response to a viral video that showed him shouting racial slurs at his neighbors.

Police had already charged 45-year-old Edward Cagney Mathews with bias intimidation and harassment in the incident Friday, after a resident on the 3800 block of Grammercy Way reported that she has been “continually harassed” by him. He will face an additional charge after the prosecutor’s office reviewed additional footage from the incident and determined Mathews spit on the victim, said Mount Laurel Police Spokesman Kyle Gardner.

Protesters crowded outside his condo in the Essex Place Condominiums development Monday for hours, shouting for him to come out and verbally confronting the police officers who were standing outside his door. The tense scene erupted when police went into Mathews home and escorted him out and into a police car following the filing of the new charge.

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