Poll: There’s Only One News Outlet A Majority Of Americans Trust



It’s no secret that Americans are deeply divided over which media outlets they find to be accurate. But a new poll reveals that only one news source earns the trust of a majority of Americans.

It’s the Weather Channel. A slim majority (52%) of Americans trust the one network pollsters included that almost never covers political issues, according to a poll released Tuesday.

No other outlet comes close in YouGov’s survey of American news consumers — but one network polarizes Americans along partisan lines more than any other: CNN.

In all, 66% of Democrats trust the 42-year-old cable news network, which transformed into an open, inveterate foe of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party under the leadership of former CNN President Jeffrey Zucker. Only 11% of Republicans say they believe CNN’s reporting, creating a gaping 55-point gap in viewer trust between the parties.

A similar discrepancy occurs with CNN’s closest rival, MSNBC, which is deemed reliable by 52% of Democrats and only 9% of Republicans.

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