Trump Asks Florida Judge For Injunction That Would Allow His YouTube Account To Be Reinstated

Credit: Brandon Bell/Getty Images


Former President Donald Trump on Monday asked a Florida judge to issue a preliminary injunction in his case against YouTube that would compel the company to reinstate his access to the platform.

Trump’s lawyers said they plan to make similar requests in his suits against Facebook and Twitter in the coming weeks.

The request for a preliminary injunction against YouTube argues that a failure to issue one would result in irreparable harm to both Trump as a potential political candidate in the future and the Republican Party as a whole, court documents dated Monday show.

Notably, the injunction would allow Trump to continue selling merchandise on YouTube, potentially critical to political fundraising efforts.

Trump brought class-action lawsuits against the three Big Tech titans last month, seeking unspecified damages for alleged First Amendment violations that Trump said could total “trillions” of dollars.

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