Video: Blue Origin Successfully Completes Third Space Test Flight

Blue Origin's space craft lifts off from Launch Site One in west Texas. December 11, 2021. © Reuters / Joe Skipper


Blue Origin launched its third crewed space tourism mission on Saturday, sending six people – including the daughter of famed US astronaut Alan Shepard, and TV personality Michael Strahan – on a 10-minute suborbital joy ride.

The Jeff Bezos-founded venture’s ‘New Shepard’ spacecraft – named after the first American astronaut to reach space – lifted off from the company’s launch site in Texas.

The crew capsule reached an altitude of about 350,000 feet (106 km) before a parachute-assisted descent and landing on the desert floor. The internationally recognized boundary of space is known as the Karman Line, which is roughly 100 km above Earth.

The entire journey lasted just over 10 minutes, with the crew experiencing a few weightless minutes at the top of their flight path.

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