Video: Columbus Police Department Goes Woke, Shows Off Their ‘Pride Cruiser’ In Effort To Encourage The Reporting Of ‘Hate Crimes”

The irony is that LGBTQ organizations are the ones pushing hate around the country

Video Screenshot

(Summit News) The Columbus Division of Police has been ridiculed on Twitter for proudly showing off a “pride cruiser” vehicle adorned with the LGBT rainbow flag that encourages people to “report hate crimes.”

A video clip posted to the police department’s official Twitter page shows Officer Lutz, an “LGBTQI+ liaison officer,” introducing the car.


“And we’re unveiling right now our pride cruiser for the month of June…I’m excited about this cruiser, it’s great for representation,” says Lutz.

The car features multi-colored rainbow decals along with the full updated ‘progress pride flag’, which includes non-binary, intersex and transgender colors.

Written on both sides of the vehicle in blue capital letters are the words “REPORT HATE CRIMES.”

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