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Video: Disney Ruins Man’s Marriage Proposal, Perhaps Because He Was Proposing To A Woman, Not A Man?

‘Woke’ Disney can’t get out of it’s own way these days

Disney Proposal (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video


A Disney employee has officially become the biggest villain on the internet.

In a viral video making the rounds online, a man attempted to propose to his girlfriend at Disneyland Paris in France when an employee rushed in and politely told them they had to move, according to Newsweek.


You can watch the absurd situation unfold below.

Despite the fact the employee was a massive moron, it sounds like Disney is attempting to correct the situation. A spokesperson told Newsweek, “We regret how this was handled. We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right.”

What an absolute hardo move from the Disney employee. That’s the definition of a hardo move. If you see a couple getting engaged and you rush in and stop it, you’re a loser.

Unless they’re doing something that is a serious threat to safety, just stay away.

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