Video: Trump Holds Huge Save America Rally In Iowa, Slams Biden Over Afghanistan, CRT And Border Crisis

Credit: The Post Millennial


At the Save America rally in Des Moines, Iowa, former President Donald Trump took aim at the Biden administration’s foreign and domestic failures, the left’s expensive spending package, and “woke” US military leadership Saturday night.

Trump pledged that Republicans will reclaim America and shut down the Biden administration’s border disaster. “We’re not going to have a country left in three years,” Trump said. “We will hold China accountable for unleashing the virus […] rein in the Big Tech monopolies [and] restore the right to free speech.”

He promised that the GOP will ban critical race theory in the US military, workplace, and education stystem. “We will restore patriotic education to our schools,” he said. “We will teach our children to always respect our great American flag […] This nation does not belong to them. This nation belongs to you.”

Trump lambasted the Pentagon’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal when the Biden administration withdrew troops from the Taliban-controlled territory, leaving Americans behind and 13 US service members killed in the Kabul pull-out’s wake.


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