Weekend Roundup: Hillary Clinton Goes Silent About Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax While Elon Musk Asks Twitter To Take Down False Tweet

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These articles are my favorite to write. Not only are they full of good news for us, but just imagine the shrill squeals that come from the agony of defeat emanating from green-haired, scrotum-hating, sideshow slobs in hipster coffee shops, located in every Warsaw-ghetto-looking American city nationwide. Squeal, you commie piggies, SQUEAL.

Let’s start with the one we’ve all been waiting/praying/sacrificing roosters for: Hillary is getting spanked in a courtroom this week.

The carnage is so delicious even CNN had to admit it.

As I have mentioned before, I am a New Wave Republican. I don’t turn the other cheek, nor do I forgive and forget as easily as some of our more religious friends do. I want to see this she-demon perp-walked into the same D.C. gulag holding peaceful J6 protestors. I hope she gets the cell with the broken toilet and her stomach has a bad reaction to chipped beef.

In a nutshell, here is what happened in court:

  • Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook testified UNDER OATH that he ran the bogus info re: Trump colluding with Russia past the Hillda-beast, and she personally OK’d it being released to the public. He also testified that NO ONE had verified any of the information in it and that Jake Sullivan knew about it as well.
  • Mook also testified that he ran the lie past Jake Sullivan, who is now Gropey Joe Biden’s national security adviser, meaning, Sullivan was in on the myth.

Hillary tweeted the lie on Halloween, 2016, less than a week before the election.

Hillary has tweeted nothing about the damning testimony. I guess if her political career is finished she can audition for the role of Flo’s evil grandmother in those Progressive Insurance commercials.

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