Twitter Censors, Rejects Ad For Major ‘Free Speech’ Event Featuring Prominent Guest Speakers

Twitter once again makes no bones about it being anti-American, anti-free speech

The Post Millennial

(PM.) An ad posted by the Minds Festival of Ideas to Twitter was censored on Monday, and the group was denied the ability to purchase ad space.

The Minds Festival of Ideas, featuring notable names in contemporary heterodoxy and coming to New York’s Beacon Theater on Saturday and featuring, was prevented from sharing the ad only seconds after submitting it for Twitter review.


In the view of Minds co-founder Bill Ottman, “The rejection email came immediately after pressing the submit button on the promotion, which makes it feel like it wasn’t reviewed by a human.” Minds called the bizarre response something out of a “dystopia.”

“It was deemed ‘inappropriate’ instantly by an account restriction or maybe some AI/ML trigger,” Ottman told The Post Millennial.

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