Critics Of ‘Woke’ Corporations Target Companies With Racially Divisive Policies

Companies like American Express and Disney have become bastions of hate

Credit: Fox News


Outspoken critics of critical race theory and “woke” corporations have teamed up to launch a new campaign designed to get credit card giant American Express to stop “racially divisive policies” that they feel are infiltrating many of the nation’s most prestigious companies.

“American Express has all of these racially divisive policies, well, that sounds pretty un-American. In fact, they don’t deserve the name upon which their card is printed. So we’ve decided that we are going to start a new campaign called the UnAmerican Express campaign,” Color Us United president and author Kenny Xu told Fox News Digital.

“Color Us United is an organization dedicated to the idea that Americas just want race out of their personal and professional lives, you know, we want a colorblind America,” Xu said, quoting Martin Luther King’s famous statement that someone’s character should be more important than their skin color.

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