Circuit Court Rules LGBTQ ‘Gender Queer’ Book Intended To Groom Children Is Too ‘Obscene’ To Be Viewed By Minors

The LGBTQ movement is a cult intended to indoctrinate children through public and private teachings

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On Wednesday, the Circuit Court for the City of Virginia Beach deemed two novels to be “obscene for unrestricted viewing by minors,” including the widely controversial graphic novel “Gender Queer, A Memoir.”

Virginia Republican congressional candidate Tommy Altman brought his concerns regarding these “obscene” materials, which have been distributed amongst grade school libraries across the state, to the court, petitioning for parents to have the right to make decisions on whether their children have access to materials containing sexual content.


Gender Queer,” written by Maia Kobabe, has gained widespread criticism across the country for depicting in the comic-style book scenes of teens engaging in sexual acts.
Kobabe has defended the book, writing in an op-ed that “One of the charges thrown against the book was that it promoted pedophilia — based on a single panel depicting an erotic ancient Greek vase. Others simply called it pornography, a common accusation against work with themes of queer sexuality.”

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