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Facebook Rejects ‘Officer Of The Year’ Tribute Ad, Claims It Might Hurt Someones Feelings

Facebook supporting BLM-type hate

Credit: Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police


The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police wanted more people to know about hero East Peoria Officer Jeffrey Bieber, so it planned to pay Facebook extra for a “boost” in distribution of its post, according to a report.

But the social networking giant rejected the police group’s request, citing “sensitive social issues” connected with the ad that could spark controversy, the Journal Star of Peoria reported.

Ed Wojcicki, executive director of the police group, told the newspaper he couldn’t believe Facebook would reject a tribute to a police officer.

“The way we see it is, Facebook thinks it’s wrong to honor a brave police officer who suffered serious wounds while protecting his central Illinois city. How is that remotely political?” Wojcicki asked, according to the Journal Star.

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