Facebook Secretly Tested Program That Put Positive Spin On Company When Faced With Criticism

From projects like this to outright censorship, the company is up to its neck in sinister activities

Credit: Getty Images / NurPhoto


Facebook reportedly conducted a secret campaign to push more positive content about the platform – some written internally – via its users’ ‘News Feeds’ in a bid to counter the effects of negative media coverage on its reputation.

The social media giant’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg apparently personally approved the initiative – dubbed ‘Project Amplify’ – in August, despite Facebook executives being shocked by the idea when it was proposed at a meeting in January, according to the New York Times.

Since being approved in August, Facebook has reportedly trialed the initiative in three unidentified US cities using a tool called ‘Quick Promotes’ that pushed positive stories about the company and its products on the network’s most important feature, News Feeds.

The site’s users in these cities would see posts with the Facebook logo that linked to stories and websites published by the company and on third-party local news sites. For instance, one such story with the headline ‘Facebook’s Latest Innovations for 2021’ detailed how it was pursuing “100% renewable energy for our global operations.”

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