Fishy Situation: Court Transcript From Previous Bail Hearing Of Christmas Parade Suspect Darrell Brooks ‘Lost Forever’

There appears to be an effort to avoid accountability

Credit: Twitter


The Milwaukee County court system has irretrievably lost the transcript of the prior bail hearing for the Waukesha Christmas parade massacre suspect Darrell Brooks which resulted in him being set free just ten days before the horrific attack.

Brooks was released on $1,000 bail after he allegedly ran over his ex-girlfriend with his red Ford Escape on Nov. 2, two weeks before the parade rampage. Somehow, the court claims there was a glitch and his transcript was permanently damaged, an official told Fox News Tuesday.


“The digital recording is damaged,” she claimed after an attempt was made to order the Nov. 5 transcript for review. A court administrator told Fox5, “There are no recordings” due to “technical issues.”

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