Fraud: Investigation Concludes That 2020 Wisconsin Election Inundated With Tens Of Thousand Of Illegal Ballots Among Other ‘Serious Red Flags’

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Tens or even hundreds of thousands of people likely cast illegal votes in Wisconsin’s 2020 election, according to newly-released findings from a months-long investigation by a conservative legal group.

Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) published the results of a 10-month probe of last year’s elections in the battleground state, reporting that the number of unlawful ballots in Wisconsin all but certainly surpassed Joe Biden’s victory margin of under 21,000 votes.

The WILL investigation included a review of 20,000 ballots, 29,000 absentee ballot envelopes, and more than 65,000 documents, as well as a statistical analysis of the vote totals.

“It is almost certain that in Wisconsin’s 2020 election the number of votes that did not comply with existing legal requirements exceeded Joe Biden’s margin of victory,” the group said.

WILL’s report identified numerous election issues that impacted hundreds of thousands of votes:


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