Medical Authority? YouTube Policy Now Bans Any Content That Questions Vaccines Or Mentions Side Effects, Deaths

Medical experts who have warned of dangerous effects and death from vaccines have been censored

Credit: The Post Millennial


YouTube has determined to ban videos that speak against vaccine mandates and offer concerns as to side effects of vaccines. While initially, the big tech company’s plan was specifically to remove what they termed to be “misinformation” about Covid vaccines, that has now moved to all content that casts doubts on all vaccines.

YouTube has targeted several video channels, including Joseph Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. YouTube cites experts who claim that these channels are responsible for vaccine hesitancy and skepticism, according to the Washington Post.
Mercola and Kennedy have both said that they are not opposed to vaccines, but are interested in talking about the risks of those vaccines, and that they believe that information is being suppressed.
The ban on content comes as part of a series of new policies that will prevent conversation that poses questions about the effectiveness or safety of existing vaccines. In addition to Covid vaccines, this content ban targets videos that oppose any other common vaccines as well.


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