Nike CEO Sucks Up To China In Face Of Muslim Uyghurs Abuse – Says ‘Nike Is A Brand That Is Of China And For China’

Despite the genocide of Uyghur Muslims, Nike only cares about its bottom line

Credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images


After the huge Chinese market for Nike diminished because Chinese consumers launched a boycott following Nike’s remarks about the reported abuse of the Muslim Uyghurs, Nike Chief executive John Donahoe made sure to reassure the Chinese he was on their side, telling Wall Street analysts, “Nike is a brand that is of China and for China,” the BBC reports.

“Mr. Donahoe made the comments during a discussion on Nike’s fourth-quarter earnings, which showed revenues had doubled to a better-than-expected $12.3bn (£8.8bn) for the three months to the end of March. That helped it bounce back to a $1.5bn profit, from a $790m loss during the depths of the pandemic a year earlier,” the BBC added.

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