Silicon Valley Billionaires Are The Worlds Greatest Threat To Free Speech And The Pursuit Of Truth

Credit; © SAUL LOEB / AFP


Facebook’s ‘ministry of truth’ is now threatening legitimate scientists with bans for calling out the lies of anti-genetically modified food activists. It is an extremely worrying development.

If anyone still naively believes that Facebook is a force for good and not the vanguard of the elite’s pacification of public life, then last week’s announcement that it would ban a prominent researcher from its platform should have the alarm bells shrieking.

The issue, according to Facebook, was a post from 2015 (yes, six years ago!) by a University of Florida geneticist called Kevin Folta. His crime? He took two anti-pesticide activists to task for making misleading statements about the weed killer glyphosate in an opinion piece published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). The authors falsely claimed the herbicide causes cancer and that the Journal acknowledged the causal link between the two.

Folta simply pointed out both the falsity of their claims about glyphosate and the insidious attempt by them to give legitimacy to their falsities by associating it with the NEJM.

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