No Coincidence: Covid Whistleblowers Dying Suspiciously Or Being Attack Professionally And Labeled Mentally Ill

“Coincidences? I do not think so.” – Italian Senator Laura Granato


Italian researcher Domenico Biscardi, known for his criticism of the government’s Covid policies and investigation into the “vaccines” content, has died suddenly and suspiciously. The 53-year-old is believed to have died of a heart attack at home on the morning of January 12, 2022. However, many people, including an Italian Senator, feel that he is just the latest of a growing list of whistleblower medical professionals and researchers ‘waking up dead’, in a mental hospital, or otherwise destroyed.

In the days leading up to Biscardi’s death, he was visited by the Italian Carabinieri Command for Health Protection (NAS). Italian newspaper Il Giornale d’Italia reports that Police were investigating Biscardi because of research he was conducting into the effectiveness of the “vaccines.”

The researcher from Campania was very critical of both the mRNA shots and the more traditional Novavax injections. Biscardi had recently slammed Novavax for its supposed harmful contents,  which included ‘mercury and aluminum salts.’

Just before Biscardi’s death, he had announced that he would be going to Europe’s highest court, The European Court of Justice, to protect the population’s rights. He declared, “It will be a new Nuremberg. There will be war; war breaks out, pharmaceutical companies will have to pay billions of euros.”

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